Design is about ‘The Edit..’

design process
Here at KOOS we believe that discreet design elements make a piece of furniture interesting and beautiful. It is important to us that we delight a client without distracting them from the beauty of the materials used. To achieve this our design is all about the ‘edit’. Our founder Steven Coonick has a strict design process which is lead by a simple philosophy.
‘…I throw hundreds of ideas onto large sheets of paper, then its time to edit…’
‘…I take away the extraneous and leave what I believe to be beautiful.’
At KOOS we are never afraid of ideas, however wild. We also know that every idea needs ‘space’. Each element of a piece should compliment or add contrast, its important in our designs that ideas never fight for attention. Furniture designed in this way will be balanced and charming. There is never any benefit in trying to cram everything onto one piece. You can always save that other great idea for the next project..